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Behaviour Support

What's Is Specialist Behaviour Support?

Specialist Behaviour Support is as the name suggests, a specialist approach to the implementation of evidence-based frameworks to support individuals who display challenging behaviours which relate to a diagnosis, trauma history, or other complex needs. 

Deeply rooted in the understanding that all behaviour serves a purpose and while a person may demonstrate high rates of maladaptive (unhealthy) behaviours, these behaviours occur for a reason: deficits in functional communication, skill deficits, etc. 

Specialist behaviour support includes a comprehensive assessment including a functional analysis to determine the most contributing function (cause) of a behaviour, and implement targeted, evidence based strategies to increase skills, reduce the maladaptive (unhealthy) behaviour, and teach new, more adaptive (healthy) behaviours. 

Simply, when we understand why a behaviour occurs, and what purpose it serves a person, we can teach new, healthier behaviours which achieve the same goal (without the harm!)

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Behaviour change is a science, and the implementation of effective behaviour support requires collaboration between individuals, families, educators, and other professionals, to establish a multi-disciplinary approach to implement strategies and achieve more desirable outcomes. As part of behaviour support, we provide training and education to individuals, parents, carer's, teachers, and other professionals to maximize the use of strategies, and the implementation of the behaviour support plan over time. 

  • Consultation and advice provided to individuals, parents, and families

  • Guided implementation support to assist with the implementation of targeted strategies 

  • Supported implementation in early learning settings, schools, and workplaces

  • Formal training for agencies and other professionals 

Behaviour Assessments

Behavioural Assessments provide us more insight into a behaviour - what purpose is it serving the person? Once we know the purpose of the behaviour, intervention can occur.

Restrictive Practices

Restrictive Practices should be used only as a last resort and should the most least restrictive method as possible to keep a person and their circle of supports safe from harm.

Replacement Behaviours

Replacement Behaviours are new behaviours we teach a person to avoid the over-reliance on challenging behaviour. New behaviours must achieve the same goal for the person.

Safety Planning

A Safety Plan is a plan developed in response to a behaviour of extreme risk. Safety Plans are designed to ensure the safety of everyone involved in caring for a person.

Training & Support

Behavioural Support and Intervention Strategies are only as effective as they are implemented. We provide expert training on proactive & reactive behavioural response strategies.

Protocol Development

Protocols are developed to ensure a consistent approach to the implementation of supports - car safety, technology use, transitions periods, etc.

Behaviour Support Plan

A Behaviour Support Plan is a document which is carefully designed to outline proactive and reactive behavioural response and environmental strategies. 

Client Mix Profiling

Client Mix Profiling is the development of 'client' profiles to support the compatibility assessment of two or more people who may be residing together in the future.

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