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At Quantum Behaviour, your feedback is crucial to us and we want to ensure your voice is enshrined in all that we do. We are always looking for ways to improve our supports, to provide better quality, and more meaningful supports to you. 

We welcome any feedback you would like to provide - whether you would like to recognise one our team members for their work, or you would like to provide feedback which can help us improve. 

What Is Feedback Used For?

We conduct regular quality audits of our all the supports provided to you. When this happens, we use feedback for:

  •  Planning professional development and training for staff 

  •  Reviewing our internal policies and procedures 

  •  Making decisions about service delivery 

  •  Rewarding our staff for their efforts 

  •  Handling complaints 


All feedback is anonymous (unless you provide your details or request us to contact you)

Alternative Options

If you would prefer to provide feedback directly to us, please contact us via email to arrange a confidential consultation. 

We'd Love To Hear From You!

How satisified are you with the knowledge of our team members?
Very UnsatisfiedPoorAverageSatisfiedVery Satisfied
How satisifed are you with the supports being provided to you?
Very UnlikelyUnlikelyIm Not SureLikelyVery Likely
How would you rate the quality of the supports you have received?
Very PoorPoorAverageGoodVery Good
How likely are you to reccomend us to a family or friend?
Very UnlikelyUnlikelyIm Not SureLikelyVery Likely
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