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Corporate Services

We are passionate about leading the change towards a community which is more informed and inclusive for us all, and raising the bar in the disability and community services sector.

Quantum Behaviour are currently offering a range of corporate and professional services available to new and existing Behaviour Support Practitioners, Clinicians, and Corporate Agencies. 

Current initiatives include, Individual and Group Supervision, Reflective Practice, Clinical Governance Projects, as well as Audit Readiness Initiatives. Training and Professional Development opportunities are also available on-site or through our Quantum Behaviour Professional Development Online Training.

Provider Mentoring Programs designed for agencies aspiring to register as NDIS Providers, or those maintaining their certification. 

Packages are designed to improve compliance with quality indicators through policy design and continuous improvement processes.

Provider Mentoring

Supervision and Reflective Practice is the cornerstone for effective supports.

We offer sessions for individual clinicians and educators, as well as agency-wide practice groups. More advanced mentoring programmes are also available.

Practitioner Supervision

We offer several training and professional development opportunities for individuals and corporate organisations. 

Training is designed to foster knowledge and skills in the implementation of organisation-wide approaches to behaviour support and inclusion.

Training & PD

Audit Readiness

Audit Readiness Programs are designed for businesses seeking to obtain or renew their NDIS Registration. The programs are a 6, 12, or 18 week program tailored to your business to ensure your business is audit ready! Packages include detailed gap-analysis & compliance documentation.

Restrictive Practices

Restrictive Practice Consultations and Assessments are available to ensure practices used to support Participants are the most least restrictive methods are possible. Guidance is provided surrounding the consent, authorisation, implementation, and reporting of Restrictive Practices where applicable.

Industry Consulting

We offer consultancy services to day-cares, pre-schools, schools, and day program providers. Consultancy services are designed to support the implementation of agency-wide strategies and approaches to foster inclusion and positive behaviour support - school wide behavioural strategies, agency wide approaches, etc.

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