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OOHC Assessments

Keeping our children safe, is everybody's business. We acknowledge that children are placed in a variety of placements, for a large scope of reasons. The service delivery of our OOHC assessments specifically aims to reduce the number of children living in OOHC placements, who are harmed. We do this by conducting thorough assessments, producing comprehensive reports, and continuing to work with agencies on an ongoing basis, to facilitate quality care, support, and future planning. 

We believe, facilitating robust assessment processes and producing comprehensive data supports quality reporting and ongoing monitoring and assessment processes. A collaborative approach to OOHC assessments supports the implementation of quality, and holistic care and support provided to young people, improving future outcomes.

We offer a range of OOHC Care Assessments including Parenting, Guardianship, Restoration, and Foster Carer and Kinship Carer Assessments as well as a range of suitability and matching assessments. As a part of all our assessment packages, we offer no-cost consultations with the agencies Senior Management, or Clinician to discuss findings. We also offer no-cost, a clinical recommendations report, which provides implementation strategies that respond to the outcomes of the initial assessment. 

Download the brochure on the right-hand side for a comprehensive overview of all OOHC assessment packages currently offered.



Service Delivery of OOHC Assessments 

We are committed to providing a holistic service to the clients and organisations we work with. The service delivery of OOHC Assessments is flexible, with a highly-trained team that offers, before, and after business-hours appointments. 

We will aim to accommodate your particular assessment needs, no matter what they are. Contact us directly for more information, or to book your OOHC assessment.

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