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Individual and Family Counselling

Our counsellors are highly qualified and skilled professions, trained in providing various types of supports to help you and your family work through challenges. Our counsellors are passionate about understanding you, your family, and the challenges that impact you most to support you understand the challenges you face, increase self-awareness, promote personal growth, and empower you to live an active and fulfilling life while achieving your personal best.

What can counselling assist you work through?

  • Grief and loss 

  • Childhood trauma 

  • Communication barriers and relationship challenges 

  • Anxiety and depression 

  • Supporting healthy life transitions

  • Gender identify and sexuality

Counselling is a confidential support, which means your sessions remain private between you and your counsellor. You may provide consent for your counsellor to speak to someone you trust. The only exception to the legal requirement of confidentiality, is duty of care reporting. Your counsellor will talk to you about confidentiality in your first therapy session.

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