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Family Group Conferencing

Family Group Conferencing, empowers families to take the lead, in making decisions to best support their family, and improve outcomes for themselves, and their children. A Family Group Conference facilitator is 'neutral,' and convenes the conference, in a way that supports positive conversation, and encourages collaborative decision-making to negotiate outcomes that meet the needs of family members.

Family Group Conferencing is a tool used to support families making decisions for themselves.



Why Family Group Conferencing?


  • Families are more likely to implement and stick to a plan they created, as opposed to a plan developed by an agency.

  • 86% of families who participated in Family Group Conferences reported that through the process of the conference, it was the first time they felt 'heard' or 'consulted.'

  • Family Group Conferences have proven to be successful for agencies too. Often, organisations will establish their 'bottom-lines' or 'non-negotiables' that the family will have to meet in order for the agency to be satisfied that they can keep their children safe. In 90% of Family Group Conferences, agencies approved the Family Plan developed by the family during the conference. 

  • Often, families experience conflict, and family relationships have been ruptured. Research has proven that Family Group Conferences support the repair of ruptured family relationships. 

Individuals, family members, and agencies can make a referral for a Family Group Conference.  Once accepted, the preparation and information gathering stage will begin. 


 For further information, or to make a referral, please contact us.

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