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Therapy Supports

Capacity Building & Skill Development Programs

Therapy Supports are designed to foster independence and support a person gain the skills they need to increase their ability to live a meaningful and fulfiling life.

We currently offer a range of therapy supports designed to provide the foundational communication and interpersonal skills people need to participate in their environment, communicate effectively,, regulate their emotions, and build and maintain meaningful relationships with others.

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Coaching Young People For Success

The Coaching Young People For Success (CYPFS) Program is designed to support each young person reach their full potential. 

Coaches are trained in Life Coaching and Career Coaching Programs designed to support young people make meaning of their values, skills, strengths, and passions. 

Learners are supported to utilise their skills and passions to improve their confidence, ability to set and achieve goals, and live a meaningful and fulfilling life.


Emotional Regulation Program

The Zones Of Regulation is a curriculum based program to teach children to understand how to read their bodies, detect triggers and consider reactions. 

Learners develop their skills in recognising their emotions through understanding feelings and the relationship between thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. 

Learners become skilled in more consciously regulating their feelings fostering an increased sense of control.

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Social Skills Program

We Thinkers! is a social emotional learning series to develop foundational social skills.


Programs are designed to strengthen social perspective taking, self-awareness, executive functioning, social problem solving, and so much more.​ 

Learners transition through a sequence of programs designed to explore hidden rules, expected and unexpected behaviours, and foster an increased sense of control - creating more skilful social problem solvers!

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